Microbiologist Job Description

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Microbiologist Job Profile and Description

Microbiologists are research scientists who conduct laboratory and clinical studies into the structure, genetics, morphology, chemistry and ecological role of microbial species such as bacteria, fungi, virus, algae and protozoan. They can attain specialization in medical microbiology or virology and are employed in research labs in the academe for pure science research. Most prefer to apply their knowledge in pharmaceutical laboratories either to collaborate with pharmacologists in the development of drugs for countering the harmful or toxic biological effects of certain microbes to humans and animals.

Microbiologist Duties and Responsibilities

  • Provide scientific research basis in the pharmacological formulation of anti-microbial compounds for medical, veterinarian and herbicidal purposes.
  • Isolate suspected active microbial organisms in pure culture and identify micro-organisms under controlled conditions
  • Employ biotechnology or collaborate with biotechnologist in the reproduction plant and animal cells for use in researching treatment of diseases.
  • Undertake preventive regular inoculations to cover risk of contracting diseases in dealing with toxic or harmful microbes.
  • Prepare diagnostic antiserums and antigens for further medical studies
  • Assist the FDA in testing and performing analysis of commercial canned foods to identify or confirm suspicions micro-organisms
  • Undertake pathological tests and analysis of fish, farm and other food sources to identify food-borne harmful microbes and prepare recommendations to FDA or government agencies on prevention techniques.
  • Document research methodologies and results and present to academic and government institutions when essential.

Microbiologist Skills and Specifications

  • Should have analytical mind and keen observation to arrive at insightful conclusions in research studies.
  • Should have excellent interpersonal and people management skills
  • Should have outstanding writing skills to document research process and results.

Microbiologist Education and Qualifications

  • A master degree in Microbiology or allied biological sciences is essential.
  • A PhD in microbiology is preferred in research and teaching work.

Microbiologist Salary

The average annual salary for Microbiologists and derivative positions like bacteriologists and virologists is $65,000. The middle 50% spread earned between $50,000 and $90,000. The bottom 10% earned nearly $35,500 while the top 10% earned about $125,000.

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