Nuclear Medicine Technology Job Description

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Nuclear Medicine Technology Job Profile and Description

The Nuclear Medicine Technologists makes use of the diagnostic testing and utilize the unstable atoms in order to produce radiation in order to identify various infections and treat them effectively. Nuclear medicine technologists are the ones who are required for administering radioactive drugs to the patients. This is conducted during carrying out tests and monitoring the process of the test. This is done to ensure that the patients are not exposed to the challenging radiation levels. These people try to avoid falling in the risks related to nuclear medicine testing which is related to the receiving of specialized training.

Nuclear Medicine Technology Job Duties and Responsibilities

  • Explaining different types of diagnostic testing process to the patients.
  • Administering the prescribed doses of radioactive drugs in accordance to the safety protocol.
  • Using of cameras or scanners in order to follow the path in which the drugs moves through patients’ bodies.
  • Producing the images on the computer so that doctors can study the results.
  • Keeping careful records of the radioactive drug dosage which is received by the patients.
  • Documenting of the amount of all drugs that can be handled by the patients.
  • Calculating, measuring and recording the radio action dosages.
  • Recording and processing results of procedures

Nuclear Medicine Technology Job Skills and Specifications

  • Ability to identify and treat different types of diseases.
  • Good amount of computer skill
  • Awareness of nuclear medicine program
  • Diligent and hard working
  • Responsible in nature

Nuclear Medicine Technology Education and Qualifications

  • Formal training at some recognized colleges or hospitals.
  • Attendance in classes in physical sciences, radiation safety procedures, radiopharmaceuticals etc.

Nuclear Medicine Technology Job Salary

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the annual average salary of a nuclear medicine technologists were $70,000.

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