Nuclear Pharmacist Job Description

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Nuclear Pharmacist Job Description and Profile

A nuclear pharmacist is the person who handles radioactive materials with regard to use in medical treatments. They take care of various aspects such as receipt of the material, careful guarded usage and disposing them in the stipulated manner. The job involves a lot of care and meticulousness since carelessness with radioactive substance can result in life threatening repercussions for the one handling it as well as others around.

Nuclear Pharmacist Duties and Responsibilities

  • Confirming receipt of nuclear radioactive substances for medical use
  • Informing authorities about the quantity and usage of the radioactive material
  • Assisting in use of radioactive materials for medical purposes such as cancer treatments
  • Careful disposing of the material after use
  • Following every rule and regulation prescribed for use of such materials
  • Ensuring that the material is stored under highly secure and guarded manner
  • Taking care in labeling of the drug containing leukocytes
  • Maintaining accurate records about the drugs and storing them in an organized manner
  • Ensure that every safety precaution is in place
  • Ensure that the usage of radioactive materials is strictly regulated and staff is provided guidance and regulations about usage and safety precautions
  • Keeping in touch with the latest regulations with regard to handling of nuclear substances and employing them in the medical facility
  • Relaying the benefits and requirement of nuclear medicines to patients who are to undergo treatment

Nuclear Pharmacist Education, Training and Qualifications

Strong knowledge about nuclear radioactive materials is requisite. Bachelor’s degree in pharmacy is the basic required. Apart from the basic degree, advanced studies, preferably a doctorate, in nuclear pharmacological subjects is essential. Experience of work in nuclear pharmacy is required. However, entry level jobs as an associate or assistant nuclear pharmacist is possible after bachelor’s degree in pharmacy and internship for a couple of years in nuclear medical field.

Nuclear pharmacist degrees, courses and certification

The most acknowledged degree is Pharm. D, which is a six year doctoral course in pharmacy. PhD in pharmacy is also attractive. Certification from National Association Board of Pharmacy is necessary.

Nuclear pharmacist skills and specifications

  • Excellent knowledge in the handling, usage and disposal of nuclear medicines
  • Strong technical know how about the pros and cons as well as correct usage patterns
  • Should be highly organized and meticulous in work
  • Should be knowledgeable about safety precautions and rules and regulations related to the use of nuclear medicines

Nuclear pharmacist salary

Average annual salary of a nuclear pharmacist ranges between $80,000 and $130,000 annually.

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