Pharmaceutical Materials Specialist Job Description

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Pharmaceutical Materials Specialist Job Description and Profile

The pharmaceutical materials specialist job profile includes maintaining the inventories of various materials that are needed. The primary job description of this individual is to ensure that adequate stocks of the necessary materials are available. He or she is responsible to maintain a safe and healthy working environment by complying with the set guidelines and procedures. Verifying the stock of raw materials and finished goods, ensuring the unhindered flow of the manufacturing process, and checking the quality of the materials comprise the job profile of a pharmaceutical materials specialist. The person is primarily responsible for all the activities related to the inflow and outflow of raw materials and finished goods.

Pharmaceutical Materials Specialist Duties and Responsibilities

  • Analyses the production forecasts, schedules, and specs
  • Ensures that the required raw materials are available for the continuous production of finished products
  • Scheduling and coordinating the movement of materials from the production area to the storage locations
  • Ordering, receiving, quality checking, and monitoring inventory levels
  • Verifying the materials meet the required quality standards and returning items that do not meet the specifications
  • Reporting trends in the inventory movement

Pharmaceutical Materials Specialist Education, Training, and Qualifications

A bachelor’s degree from a college or a university is required to be hired as a materials specialist. An additional training and qualification in pharmacy or medical related field provides an extra benefit to the candidates. The larger pharmaceutical companies require business management training and qualification. Employers while hiring potential incumbents for the position of a pharmaceutical materials specialist prefer working as interns in a warehouse or similar location during the formal education.

Pharmaceutical Materials Specialist Degrees, Courses, and Certification

A bachelor’s degree in pharmacy, other medical field, or material management is necessary to qualify for this position. A master’s degree in business administration or materials management provides additional advantage to individuals. Successfully completing courses in working with numerous software programs and on the Internet is required to be successful. Organizational, administrative, and planning skills are necessary for a pharmaceutical materials specialist. Awareness on quality control and quality checks procedures are preferred by majority of employers.

Pharmaceutical Materials Specialist Skills and Specifications

  • Strong analytical skills
  • Ability to develop and implement manufacturing methods
  • Capability in using mechanical inspection tools
  • Ability to provide accurate and updated reports to top management
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Ability to plan and organize the materials movement without reducing the efficiency
  • Computer skills

Pharmaceutical Materials Specialist Salary

The average annual salary earned by pharmaceutical materials specialist is approximately $80,000.

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