Pharmaceutical Product Manager Job Description

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Pharmaceutical Product Manager Job Description and Profile

The pharmaceutical product managers are the clients’ representatives for the pharmaceutical organization. He or she shoulders the responsibility of launching new medications in the market based on the requirements of the clients. With the aid of market research findings, the pharmaceutical product managers plan launching existing products in a new market or launch a new product through new target market identification. These individuals identify and utilize client demographics and requirements to market the products of the organization to those clients who will be the most likely target audience for the products. The efforts of the product managers determine the manufacturing schedules of a pharmaceutical organization.

Pharmaceutical Product Manager Duties and Responsibilities

  • Working with the marketing department of the organization
  • Planning and managing the development of a specific medication as an independent business segment
  • Preparing the sales estimate, and the profit and loss for the product
  • Planning the marketing strategy and hiring the sales personnel for promoting the specific product
  • Developing a name and product brand
  • Coordinating with the advertisers and the media for the promotion of the medication
  • Liaison with the research and development department to prepare the clinical trials schedule and the manufacturing schedule
  • Collecting and analyzing the client feedback

Pharmaceutical Product Manager Education, Training, and Qualifications

A bachelor’s degree in a science field, such as biology or chemistry is required to find employment as a pharmaceutical product manager. Several universities provide minors qualification in biotech or engineering management, which is useful to make a career in this segment. An additional training in business administration provides a competitive edge to individuals over other potential candidates who lack this qualification. Training with pharmaceutical organization as an intern during the bachelor education is beneficial.

Pharmaceutical Product Manager Degrees, Courses, and Certification

Science related degree focusing on biology or chemistry is essential to qualify for the position of a pharmaceutical product manager. Completing short-term courses in General Sciences that provide the necessary knowledge on the various terminologies. Individuals aspiring to become successful in this field should complete business management programs or advanced science courses. Undertaking pharmaceutical marketing courses and attending trade conferences is beneficial. Most employers that hire pharmaceutical product managers require an advanced degree, as these are senior positions.

Pharmaceutical Product Manager Skills and Responsibilities

  • In-depth knowledge on general science
  • Organizational and management capabilities
  • Demonstrate leadership traits
  • Excellent communication and marketing skills
  • Strong oral and written communication abilities

Pharmaceutical Product Manager Salary

The pharmaceutical product manager’s average annual salary ranges from $58,000 to $155,000 with the average salary estimated at $115,000.

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