Pharmaceutical Representative Job Description

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Pharmaceutical representative job profile and description

The job of a pharmaceutical representative is to sell drug to doctors and hospitals. He explains the virtues of the drug and the usage pattern to the physician. Pharmaceutical representatives try and sell drugs to the doctors so that they can prescribe them to their patients. They do not deal with the patients straight forwardly.

Pharmaceutical representative duties and responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of a pharmaceutical representative are:

  • Understanding the virtues, limitations, side effects and the correct usage patterns of different drugs
  • Speaking to physicians and explaining drug details
  • Make optimum use of their time and visit as many doctors as they can in a day
  • Be honest about the drug and never give out false details in an attempt to sell the drug since the life of a patient is dependent on it
  • Make a detailed study of the doctors who practice in the area that is assigned to them and make note of the timings assigned to pharmaceutical representatives

Pharmaceutical representative skills and specifications

The skills and specifications of a pharmaceutical representative are:

  • Excellent verbal and written communication and convincing abilities because that is what they are employed for
  • Good pharmaceutical knowledge about the drug
  • Ability to travel all through the day and meet many doctors
  • Ability to accept rejection and not get disheartened by it
  • A positive personality
  • Excellent interpersonal relationships and the ability to maintain contacts with existing clients
  • Quick presence of mind in order to answer questions posed by the doctors

Pharmaceutical representative education and qualification

The education and qualification of a pharmaceutical representative are:

  • A high school diploma followed by a bachelor’s degree in science is basic
  • On the job training is the most significant part of education

Pharmaceutical representative salary

The average salary of a pharmaceutical representative is $75,000 annually.

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