Pharmaceutical Researcher Job Description

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Pharmaceutical Researcher Job Profile and Description

A pharmaceutical researcher is someone who involves himself in research to find out ways and means of developing new medicines, dosages and medical equipment.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • A pharmaceutical researcher has to do research in creating new dosage specifications and forms.
  • He has to provide pharmacy services in matters of investigational drug management.
  • He has to study and analyze the way in which a particular medicine gets absorbed, distributed, metabolized and eliminated after it has been consumed.
  • He has to engage himself in creating innovative preparation techniques of medicines for investigational purposes.
  • He has to coordinate and support the registration of medicines that requires patient registration with specialty pharmacies.
  • He may also have to help in clinical trials of new medicines to find out its viability and efficacy.
  • He may also have to provide medical training to pharmacy staff, healthcare providers and patients with regards to specialized medicines.

Skills and Specifications

  • A pharmaceutical researcher ought to possess a high degree of perseverance to be successful in this profession.
  • He ought to have strong researching capabilities.
  • He ought to be able to handle long working hours.
  • He ought to be a quick problem – solver because working with new kinds of medicines may bring up new and unforeseen issues.
  • He should have the ability to work independently without supervisory guidance.
  • He should have the teamwork capabilities required to contribute effectively and creatively to the working of a team.
  • He ought to have extensive laboratory expertise and high publication records as well.
  • He ought to possess strong verbal and written communication skills.

Education and Qualifications

A pharmaceutical researcher ought to possess a Bachelor’s degree in pharmacy from a pharmacy college that has been accredited. He ought to also possess a minimum of 4 years of working experience as a pharmacist.

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