Pharmaceutical Sales Manager Job Description

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Pharmaceutical Sales Manager Job Profile and Description

Pharmaceutical products like pills and other forms of medicines should be marketed by sales representatives to physicians who will eventually recommend them to patients and indirectly help to boost the pharma organization’s sales. These sales representatives are supervised by pharmaceutical sales managers, who are in charge of the overall success of marketing efforts of a particular product.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Pharmaceutical sales managers have to oversee teams of sales representatives
  • They are responsible for hiring, training and evaluating the performance of sales representatives
  • They need to inform representatives about the uses and effects of the pharmaceutical products and who should be the target consumer
  • They have to do effective market research which includes collecting data on diseases and have to communicate frequently with healthcare professionals
  • They need to train sales representatives on effective sales techniques and acorganization new representatives on sales calls in order to guide them
  • They consult with their representatives to help them to understand which hospitals and doctors these representatives should target to be successful
  • They have to hold meetings in which they discuss the sales plans
  • Besides setting organization sales targets, they oversee the organization budget that was put aside for marketing campaigns and employee commissions

Skills and Specifications

  • The pharmaceutical sales manager should keep himself up-to-date with the latest pharmaceutical products
  • They need very good communication and negotiation skills
  • They should also have good networking skills
  • They also need to have organizational skills and should be good with numbers
  • They should have good leadership skills and should be able to follow deadlines

Education and Qualifications

Pharmaceutical sales managers should have prior experience in the medical field and as sales representatives. They should have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in business management with specialization in sales and marketing.

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