Pharmaceutical Technician Job Description

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Pharmaceutical Technician Job Profile and Description

A pharmaceutical technician works in a hospital or retail pharmacy in an entry level position. He is responsible for providing assistance in the different kinds of work done in a pharmacy.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • A pharmaceutical technician has to receive prescriptions and verify whether the information that has been provided in it is correct.
  • He is responsible for maintaining the storage of the different medicines that are in stock in the pharmacy.
  • He has to fill bottles with the prescribed medicines and fix the labels on them.
  • He has to sterilize the glassware present and help in maintaining and cleaning the work area of the pharmacy.
  • He is responsible for ordering medicines whose stock is almost over.
  • He has to deal with clients directly. He has to give what the client requires, accept payment and enter the transaction in the pharmacy’s cash register.
  • He may have to be responsible for preparing and processing medical claim records and forms.
  • He has to receive any incoming shipment of medication and also has to handle all the related paperwork.

Skills and Specifications

  • A pharmaceutical technician has to possess a desire to follow instructions of the supervisor to do well in this profession.
  • He ought to have a very good sense of accuracy and be a quick learner.
  • He ought to be willing to stand on his feet for a long time everyday.
  • He ought to possess very good communication skills.
  • He ought to have a working knowledge of computers.
  • He ought to posses the ability to convey information effectively to clients regarding their health care requirements.
  • He ought to have good math skills as he is also required to take care of the payments and the bills.

Education and Qualifications

A pharmaceutical technician ought to posses at least a high school diploma. Knowledge in medicinal products is an added advantage in this profession.

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