Pharmacy Technician Job Description

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Pharmacy Technician Job Profile and Description

Pharmacy Technician’s job necessitates providing pharmacy related functions or pharmaceutical technical services under a licensed pharmacist direct supervision. Most pharmacy technicians measure, count out, label, mix, and record the dosage and amount of medications. Supports the senior technicians in pharmaceuticals distribution and pharmacy dispensaries as needed. A pharmacy technician performs all the department administrative functions, which do not require broad technical training or professional judgment.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Receiving refill requests or written prescriptions and verify whether the information is accurate and complete.
  • Assisting clients by replying to simple questions, referring items or locating them to a pharmacist for medicine information.
  • Transferring medicine information from vials to a proper number of disposables syringes, sterile by using aseptic techniques or methods.
  • Receiving and storing inbound supplies, verifying the quantities against raised invoice, and informing the supervisors about the inventory shortages and needs.
  • Delivering pharmaceutical supplies and medications to nursing stations, patients, or surgery.
  • Ordering, labeling, and counting stock of medications, supplies, and chemicals and entering stock list data into computer database.
  • Filling bottles with prescribed medicines, type, and stick labels.
  • Establishing and maintaining patient profiles, which includes list of medicines taken by each patient.
  • Maintaining specific security and storage conditions for medicines or drugs.
  • Preparing and processing medical insurance claim records and forms.
  • Cleaning, maintaining the equipment and working area, sterilize glassware in accordance with the prescribed methods.
  • Operating cash registers in order to accept client payment.
  • Maintaining filled file and price prescriptions.
  • Responding to requests and questions and answering telephone calls.
  • Maintaining and merchandising home health-care services and products.

Skills and Specifications

  • Proactive listener and effective speaker.
  • Actively searching ways to assist people.
  • Good decision-making and problem solving ability.
  • Strong teaching skills.
  • Effective reading comprehension to understand work related documents.
  • Knowledge in mathematics to solve problems.
  • High effective time management skills.
  • Should have good knowledge in learning strategies to select and use instructional methods.
  • Effective communication skills in writing.
  • Able to stand for very long times.
  • Able to follow written and oral instructions efficiently and effectively.

Education and Qualifications

  • Degree in science, biology or any related fields.
  • Certificate in pharmacy technician relevant course.
  • High school diploma is a must.
  • Degree in mathematics is required.

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