Products Pharmacy Technician Job Description

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Products pharmacy technician job profile and description

Working as a products pharmacy technician requires the individual to be careful about the processes that they undertake. Patients require the highest standards of care. The industry is now under scrutiny given the costs that are charged to the public. This is a role that requires someone that will be able to support the work of a head pharmacist. You will need to interact with members of the public on a fairly regular basis.

Products pharmacy technician duties and responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of a products pharmacy technician include the following issues:

1.       You need to ensure that you provide the right medicine when requested by the pharmacists.

2.       You will need to check stock levels and notify the pharmacist if they are running low.

3.       You might need to check the dosage and other relevant matters as the medication is being dispensed.

4.       You must be prepared to undertake sundry duties within the pharmacy.

Products pharmacy technician skills and specifications

The skills specification for the role of a products pharmacy technician is as follows:

1.       The successful candidate has to be well organized.

2.       You need to be able to work according to very strict deadlines.

3.       An ability to work as a member of the technical team is necessary.

Products pharmacy technician education and qualification

The educational requirements for the products pharmacy technician include an industry related certificate. You also need to have health and safety training from a certified institution. You might be required to have IT certificates for the company technology.

Products pharmacy technician salary

The salary range for the products pharmacy technician starts from $35,000. At the higher notch one can get as high as $55,000. This role is used as a stepping stone by individuals that wish to get involved in the pharmaceutical industry.

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