Retail Pharmacy Job Description

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Retail Pharmacy Job Profile and Description

A person working in a retail pharmacy has to compound and dispense prescribed pharmaceutical products in retail outlets and sell non-prescription medicines and related products to the client. He has to make or supervise the preparation of liquid medicines, ointments, powders, tablets and other medications.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • A retail pharmacist checks the prescriptions given by doctor’s for correct dosage and for drug interactions and incompatibilities
  • He compounds prescribed medicines, and packages and labels them before giving to the client
  • He stores and preserves vaccines, serums and other drugs which tend to spoil
  • He has to safely dispense medical and surgical products as prescribed
  • He records prescriptions dispensed, the issue of poisons, narcotics and other restricted drugs
  • He gives advice and information to the client on the use and effects of different medications
  • He can sell non-prescription drugs, toiletries, cosmetics and related commercial products
  • He interprets and fills physicians’ prescriptions for clients
  • He verifies all patient information before filling a prescription, especially when it comes to restricted drugs
  • He provides medicinal consultation to clients while filling a prescription and over the counter medicines when required
  • He makes entry of prescriptions into the pharmacy’s database
  • He also has to contact physicians and benefits providers as necessary to process a prescription
  • He may have to complete third-party insurance forms and other paperwork

Skills and Specifications

  • He needs to give importance to patient confidentiality and behave very professionally with the clients.
  • He should have knowledge of the medical compounds used before giving any advice
  • He must have good communication and interpersonal skills

Education and Qualifications

A retail pharmacist should undertake a pharmacy technician program of six months to two years. They should have good medical knowledge, client service, drug reactions, interpreting prescriptions and know about dosage properly.

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