Cartographers and Photogrammetrist Job Description

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Cartographers and Photogrammetrist Job Profile and Description

Cartographers and Photogrammetrists are map makers whose work often takes them to conduct researches to update and publish the most accurate cartographic representations of the earth’s surfaces. They gather, analyze, and interpret geographic data coming from geodetic surveys, aerial terrain photographs, and satellite topographic shots. They often work with Geographers or Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in developing mapping systems

Cartographers and Photogrammetrist Duties and Responsibilities

  • Define bounds and objective of assigned cartographic projects, determining map boundaries, content extent and layout, political or geographic or both as well as mapping publication specifications such as scale, projection, and colors to ensure conformity with specifications.
  • Inspect final map composition to ensure consistency, data thoroughness, completeness and accuracy.
  • Conducts projects to revise existing maps and charts based on new information, making all required corrections and adjustments.
  • Delineate cartographic detailing using aerial photographic data and geologic landmarking such as hydrographic, topographic, and cultural features using high precision stereo plotting and drafting instruments.
  • Compile data for map preparation, aerial photographs, survey notes, new structural development reports, and original maps for reference.
  • Build, maintain and update digitize cartographic databases.
  • Procure aviation services for photogrammetric surveys and expeditions

Cartographers and Photogrammetrist Skills and Specifications

  • Must have the unique analytical and deductive reasoning abilities
  • Must have excellent organizational skills for sorting through geographic and photogrammetric data
  • Must have strong computer literacy in using advance software and hardware technologies
  • Must have excellent verbal and written communication skills

Cartographers and Photogrammetrist Education and Qualifications

  • A 4-year bachelor’s degree in any of the Cartographic, Geographic, Surveying or Physical Sciences is essential
  • A master’s degree in the same field is an advantage
  • 2-3 years of experience in the design and production of maps gives an added advantage.

Cartographers and Photogrammetrist Salary

The average annual salary of Cartographers and Photogrammetrists is $55,000. The middle 50% got between $40,500 and $70,000 with the bottom 10% getting around $35,000 while the top 10% got around $90,000.

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