Clinical Research Job Description

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Clinical Research Job Profile and Description

A clinical researcher is an individual who is responsible for setting up, monitoring and completing clinical trials at various companies.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • The clinical researcher has to develop and write trial protocols.
  • He has to make presentations in front of steering committees about trial protocols.
  • He has to design data collection forms which are called CRF’s.
  • He has to coordinate with the ethics committee, which is responsible for safeguarding the safety, rights and well being of the subjects who are under trial.
  • He has to manage the regulatory authority which oversees the marketing and research of existing and new drugs.
  • He has to locate and assess the facilities at study centers to see whether they are suitable.
  • He has to liaison and consults with the doctors and investigators about the clinical trials.
  • He is also responsible for training the site staff about industry standards.
  • He has to write visit reports.
  • He has to maintain and collate trials reports and documentation.
  • He has to close down study centers after the trial is over.
  • He also has to prepare the final reports.

Skills and Specifications

  • A clinical researcher needs to possess very high leadership, management and organizational skills.
  • He has to be equipped with good communication and interpersonal skills.
  • He must be willing to work in a team.
  • He must have the self – confidence required to manage and lead a large staff of people.
  • He must be prepared to work long hours.

Education and Qualifications

Persons who want to be a successful clinical researcher need to have a minimum of major in nursing or in a science or in a related health field. An MSC is preferred. Knowledge and experience in research gives an added advantage

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