Clinical Research Nurse Job Description

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Clinical Research Nurse Job Profile and Description

A clinical research nurse is a nurse who provides and directs nursing care in a research environment.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • A clinical research nurse has to take care of the research participants.
  • She is responsible for assuring participant safety.
  • She has to involve herself in new and unique treatment and care programs of patients.
  • She has to identify the patient’s problems, formulate ways to take care of them and also monitor the care being given.
  • She has to coordinate the clinical care for a number of research participants and confer with other research nurses as well.
  • She may have make adjustments of care plans of patients to suit individual requirements.
  • She has to maintain data and do follow – up’s of patients under her care.
  • She may have to administer investigation drugs on research participants, study the effects and make reports.
  • She has to present such reports, documentation and other data to the investigator of the research team.

Skills and Specifications

  • A few of the main pre – requisites required for becoming a successful clinical research nurse is being highly – trained, skilled and a willing caregiver.
  • A desire to learn is also essential.
  • She must have exceptionally good communication and interpersonal skills as she has to constantly interact with the research participants, many of them whom may be critically ill.
  • She must be a good listener and have an eye for detail.
  • She must be an emotionally stable person as the job of a research nurse is not only highly stressful, but may be quite emotionally draining as well.
  • She must also update herself regularly on methods of care for research participants.

Education and Qualification

A clinical research nurse must at least possess a diploma or degree from a professional nursing program.

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