Director Of Research Job Description

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Director of research job profile and description

The job of the director of research is to pool the resources of a company and focus the efforts on research. They are into administration functions of research institutes. Although they may involve themselves in research, they are more focused on improving the facilities in the research centre and improving productivity.

Director of research duties and responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of director of research are:

  • Formulating strategies and plans for research
  • Prepare action plans, budgets and allocation of resources in the research institute
  • Make rules and guidelines for the employees with focus on development of research
  • Order new equipment to improve the standard of the research centre
  • Ensure that the staff in well trained and arrange training sessions to upgrade their knowledge
  • Monitor the quality of work being produced
  • Hire new staff as per requirements
  • Create awareness about the research centre among people to increase sales of the goods produced in the centre
  • Take care of all administrative functions like ensuring that the license of the centre is valid and other permission are in order
  • Ensure the safety of the research institute from fire and other accidents

Director of research skills and specifications

The skills and specifications of director of research are:

  • Outstanding foresight and a vision for the research centre
  • Outstanding communication and leadership qualities
  • Outstanding observation, analytical and managerial skills
  • Ability to motivate staff to perform better
  • A sound knowledge in marketing and sales
  • Good human resource management abilities
  • Good financial sense
  • Ability to overview the research centre comprehensively and take steps for improvement

Director of research education and qualification

The education and qualification required for director of research are:

  • Master’s degree in the related field of research along with a good knowledge in sales and marketing
  • A doctorate will be helpful in faster growth

Director of research salary

The salary of a director of research varies massively depending upon the research centre. It may range between $45,000 and $135,000 annually.

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