Hydrologist Job Description

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Hydrologist Job Profile and Description

Also referred to as Hydrogeologists and Geoscientists, Hydrologists conduct research work on the formation, distribution, circulation, and physical properties of surface and underground water sources. They also study the intensity and form of precipitation, rate of soil penetration, movement through terrain, and flow of water to the atmosphere and oceans.

Hydrologist Duties and Responsibilities

  • Evaluate data and provide recommendations regarding the feasibility of municipal projects, such as hydroelectric power plants, irrigation systems, flood warning systems, and waste treatment facilities.
  • Study and analyze the physical aspects of the earth in terms of the hydrological components, including atmosphere, hydrosphere, and interior structure.
  • Administer programs designed to ensure the proper sealing of abandoned wells.
  • Install, maintain, and calibrate instruments, such as those that monitor water levels, rainfall, and sediments.
  • Answer questions and provide technical assistance and information to contractors or the public regarding issues such as well drilling, code requirements, hydrology, and geology.
  • Investigate properties, origins, and activities of glaciers, ice, snow, and permafrost.
  • Review applications for site plans and permits and recommend approval, denial, modification, or further investigative action.
  • Apply research findings to help minimize the environmental impacts of pollution, waterborne diseases, erosion, and sedimentation.
  • Develop or modify methods of conducting hydrologic studies

Hydrologist Skills and Specifications

  • Must have the unique analytical and deductive reasoning abilities
  • Must have excellent organizational skills for sorting through research data
  • Must have excellent oral and written communication skills

Hydrologist Education and Qualifications

  • A master’s degree in Geology and Earth Sciences, Geosciences, Mathematics or equivalent is essential for a position in research or the academe.
  • A PhD in the same field is an advantage for teaching professions.
  • 5-7 years of experience in the research or teaching faculty gives an added advantage

Hydrologist Salary

The average annual salary of hydrologists and geoscientists is $85,000. The middle 50% received earned between $55,000 and $120,000 with the top 10% earning $125,500 whereas the bottom 10% earning about $45,000.

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