Hydrology Specialist Job Description

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Hydrology Specialist Job Description and Profile

Under general direction, the job of the Hydrology Specialist entails conducting technical and scientific hydrologic research work, preparation of relevant reports, and performs other related tasks and duties as required. Basically the Hydrology Specialist is assigned in specialized areas such as reclamation, resource, conservation and flood control.

Duties and Specifications

  • Collects and compiles various statistical analyses of data on surface and ground water quality and quantity, agricultural and urban hydrologic programs and schemes, drainage and rainfall, flood control, conservation, water resource facilities, and waste water disposal and reuse.
  • Creates planning and designing analyses and forms other alternatives that pertain to issues on hydrology.
  • Prepares reports on groundwater basins, precipitation records, conservation, water rights and surface water resources.
  • Evaluates water requirements and availability of supply with the use of computer programs that pertain to the science of hydrology.
  • Gives input in the administration and formulation of contracts for water supply.
  • Assists in the functions that are geared toward the development of projects and plans on water supply.

Skills and Specifications

  • Able to compile, analyze and even utilize relevant data on hydrology.
  • Must know how to create reports and important comprehensive studies.
  • Be able to efficiently communicate, whether in verbal or written formats.
  • Must understand and fully apply policies, rules and regulations
  • Must know how to write Requests for Proposal.
  • Be able to negotiate various agreements.
  • Must learn and use various computer programs, particularly those relevant to hydrology.
  • Be able to establish effective and harmonious work relationships with other staff.

Education and Qualifications

  • Possess a Bachelor level degree on relevant course such as civil engineering or physical and natural sciences and 1year experience in hydrologic work or related field is basic.
  • Possess a valid State Driver’s License (Class C) is necessary.

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