Organic Chemist Job Description

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Organic chemist job profile and description

An organic chemist studies and applies the principles of organic chemistry, which is the branch of science that deals with carbon compounds. The concepts are applied in the field of medicine, in the synthesis of organic fertilizers, textiles, plastics, chemicals and organic food products. Organic chemists spend most of their time in laboratories and research centers.

Organic chemist duties and responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of an organic chemist are:

  • Studying the properties of carbon compounds and conduct isolation and syntheses experiments
  • Use different experiment techniques and equipments like spectrometry, magnetic resonance and chromatography
  • Work in conjunction with chemists, scientists, chemical engineers and other organic chemists to deduce results
  • Research and synthesize new carbon compounds and their applications in various fields
  • Testing new products and evaluating their characteristic like strength, elasticity, flexibility and fire resistance
  • Document and prepare systematic reports about the experiment procedures and results

Organic chemist skills and specifications

The skills and specifications required for the job of an organic chemist are:

  • Strong technical knowledge in organic chemistry and practical applications of the carbon compounds
  • Outstanding analyses and deduction skills in order to interpret results of experiments
  • Outstanding decision making and problem solving skills
  • Ability to work in a team
  • Ability to spend long hours in laboratories and be able to deal with repeated failures before obtaining positive results in experiments
  • Ability to continuously amass new information about research being carried out in different parts of the world.
  • Good writing and verbal skills

Organic chemist education and qualification

The education and qualification of an organic chemist are:

  • A four year bachelor’s degree in organic chemistry is basic
  • Master’s degree and doctorate help in bright future prospects and are essential for academic and teaching posts

Organic chemist salary

The average salary of an organic chemist is around $70,000 annually.

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