Research Development Manager Job Description

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Research Development Manager Job Profile and Description

A research development manager is someone who is in charge for all the scientific aspects of a research project. He also has to coordinate it with the business and strategic goals of the organization he is working for.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • The research development manager has to be fully aware of whatever is happening on the scientific front of the project he is handling.
  • He has to constantly coordinate with members of other departments of the organization to make sure that the project meets the strategic and business goals of the organization.
  • He has to involve himself in working with scientists in the laboratory.
  • He is responsible for planning the process the research is to be conducted.
  • He may have to involve himself in recruiting qualified scientists for the particular project that is being performed.
  • He also has to obtain and allocate funds for the project.
  • He has to attend regular meetings with the business development managers of the organization.
  • He has to prepare reports of the research that has been performed and make presentations in front of senior management.

Skills and Specifications

  • A research development manager has to be ready to work in a highly stressful environment and under great levels of work pressure.
  • He needs to possess strong leadership skills.
  • He must be a good manager and a very organized person.
  • He has to be a good listener and a great team player.
  • He must be ready to work for long hours.

Education and Qualifications

Persons who want to become a research development manager need to possess a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree at least in a field such as biology, materials science, chemical engineering or biotechnology. Taking courses on total synthesis offered at schools is also beneficial.

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