Social Political Research Analyst Job Description

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Social-Political Research Analyst Job Profile and Description

Sociologists and political scientists direct on Social-Political Research Analysts in political think that bureaus to conduct surveys that provide them with invaluable data in analyzing the social and political landscape especially before national and local elections or prior to new product launches. They research on social behavior, demographic shifts, population movements, the influx of migrants, voting trends and other various aspects of individuals and social groups. Their studies often form the basis for recommending courses of action for governments, consumers and businesses.

Social-Political Research Analyst Duties and Responsibilities

·           Conduct demographic research and census surveys as assigned.

·           Coordinate with client requesting for survey to design the statistical parameters of the research.

  • · Perform analysis and trending of data gathered in exit polls during election period.

·           Ensure that all research follow the rigors of scientific statistical methods.

Social-Political Research Analyst Skills and Specifications

  • Should have an eye for detail and observant to spot exceptional trends that can easily escape a cursory study of the data.
  • Should be willing to work long hours and under above average work pressures
  • Should be well-grounded in statistical research methodologies
  • Should possess excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Should be able to organize, analyze and interpret data into significant information bits

Social-Political Research Analyst Education and Qualifications

  • A BS degree in sociology or political science is essential
  • A master’s degree in public administration or political science gives an added advantage.
  • A PhD is often the minimum for a teaching profession in colleges.

Research Social-Political Research Analyst Salary

The average annual salaries of social-political research analysts/scientists is around $75,000 with the middles 50% spread between $55,000 and $95,000. The lowest 10% received around $45,000 while the highest 10% got about $130,000.

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