Restaurant Cleaner Job Profile and Description

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Restaurant Cleaner Job Profile and Description:

A restaurant cleaner’s job may seem very unimportant but it is actually quite challenging. The cleaner not only has to ensure that the restaurant is spick and span all the time, he also has to have basic knowledge of food, handling of chemical solutions and so on. By doing so, he will be in the position to rise in the hierarchy of the restaurant.

Restaurant Cleaner Duties and Responsibilities:

The duties and responsibilities of a restaurant cleaner will involve:

  • Though the job might seem menial, Restaurant cleaners are one of the most important parts of running a commercial establishment. Their first task is to keep the restaurant clean, remove the trash that accumulates at the end of each day, and ensure that things are kept in their proper order for the next working day.
  • Not only does trash have to be removed, the restaurant equipment too gets soiled by daily use and the restaurant cleaner has to often clean sensitive equipment like grills, ovens and so on.
  • The restaurant cleaner has to ensure that the restaurant is well stocked and that the equipment is in perfect running condition. Sometimes the restaurant cleaner will also be required to clean other parts of the establishment, like the seating area in a restaurant.

Restaurant Cleaner Skills and Specifications:

The skills and specifications of a restaurant cleaner must be as follows:

  • Restaurant cleaning is not an easy job. The restaurant cleaner must have an idea about handling restaurant equipment and have knowledge about cleaning solutions, how certain kinds of stains and greases can be removed and so on.
  • Food handling is another skill which has to be inculcated by training in the restaurant cleaner. For example, sometime cutting up vegetables and meat, preparing raw food in the initial few processes also fall under the work load of a restaurant cleaner and therefore, for this, the cleaner needs to be adequately trained.

Restaurant Cleaner Education and Qualification:

The restaurant cleaner needs to have the following educational qualifications:

  • No specific education requirement is needed for the job post.
  • On the job training in cleaning and food handling

Restaurant Cleaner Salary:

The salary of a restaurant cleaner in the US hovers around the 20,000 USD mark but this is dependent on the number of years put in by the individual, nature and scope of the establishment, job duties and so on.

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