Restaurant Sous Chef Job Profile And Description

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Restaurant sous chef Job Profile and Description:

A restaurant sous chef is given the task of running the restaurant under the supervision of the head chef. In fact this is the most crucial post after that of the head chef. He has to be in constant touch with the daily operations of the kitchen, and running a commercial establishment’s kitchen can be quite a challenge. Therefore the job profile is very interesting and stressful.

Restaurant Sous Chef Duties and Responsibilities:

The duties and responsibilities of a restaurant sous chef will involve:

  • A sous chef is usually responsible for the operations of the restaurant kitchen and has to report directly to the head chef or the executive chef. The sous chef’s job duties include restaurant planning and deciding the menu for the day. He handles daily operations and other chefs are responsible to him.
  • Sous chefs in a restaurant are also responsible for maintaining the food quality and standards of hygiene in the kitchen. This is also a very important part of their job duty.
  • The restaurant sous chef has to ensure that food is delivered hot and on time. He has to answer the queries of customers in case there is any trouble or anything is wrong with the food.

Restaurant Sous Chef Skills and Specifications:

The skills and specifications of a restaurant sous chef must be as follows:

  • A restaurant sous chef has to be very organized and able to handle stress very well. Since running a commercial kitchen is a hugely stressful task requiring immense patience and skill, standing for long hours, man management and other skills are required of the restaurant sous chef.
  • Culinary expertise is the most obvious requirement of a sous chef in terms of skills and specifications. The sous chef has to be updated on the latest kitchen techniques and innovations. This is the most important part of his job as the sous chef of a restaurant.

Restaurant Sous Chef Education and Qualification:

The restaurant sous chef needs to have the following educational qualifications:

  • High school diploma or equivalent GED
  • Associate’s and bachelor’s degree in culinary arts
  • Apprenticeship under a reputed chef

Restaurant Sous Chef Salary:

A restaurant sous chef earns about 50,000 USD. This is only an average and the salary can vary widely on either side of the average mark, depending on the post, nature of the restaurant, number of years of work and so on.

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