Restaurant Waitress Job Profile And Description

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Restaurant Waitress Job Profile and Description:

A restaurant waitress is required to serve food and drinks to customers and to answer their queries regarding food. Simple as it seems, the work requires patience, skill and endurance. Restaurant Waitress is an integral part of any company which deals with heavy machinery, equipment and other items. The Restaurant Waitress is involved in the design and construction, as well as repair and maintenance of such equipment.

Restaurant Waitress Duties and Responsibilities:

The duties and responsibilities of a restaurant waitress will involve:

  • The first and foremost task of a restaurant waitress is to serve food and drinks to the customers with a smile. She must be careful in carrying the food and should be aware of the layout of the restaurant in order to serve the food to the correct tables.
  • The restaurant waitress is the sole communicator between the clients and the chefs, and therefore she must mediate between the two if ever trouble arises. The waitress is the person who will interact with the customer and therefore, she should deal with the customer in a professional and adept manner.
  • The restaurant waitress will have to take down orders correctly, and help the customer understand the menu if there is any need. Sometimes certain items have to be explained to the customer.

Restaurant Waitress Skills and Specifications:

The skills and specifications of a restaurant waitress must be as follows:

  • A restaurant waitress must be skilled in the layout of the restaurant, in the manner in which the restaurant operates and the pressure of the food reaching the table. She should carry the food with perfect balance and ensure that it is placed on the table in an apt manner.
  • The restaurant waitress has to be skilled in the type of cuisine the place serves, the names of the various items and what goes into the making of each item on the menu. The customer may ask the waitress about the specifications of a dish and she has to answer correctly.

Restaurant Waitress Education and Qualification:

The restaurant waitress does not need formal education. However some employers prefer their waitresses to have very basic formal education at the time of employment:

  • High school diploma or equivalent GED
  • Bachelor’s degree for higher posts like head waitress.

Restaurant Waitress Salary:

The salary of a restaurant waitress is around 15000 USD per annum. This depends on the number of years of work, the skill of the waitress, the standards of the restaurant and some other factors.

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