Retail Salesperson Job Description

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Retail salesperson job description and profile

The job of a retail salesperson entails handling sales operations in a retail store. He is responsible for selling goods and receiving payments. Depending on the size of the retail establishment, his duties and responsibilities vary.

Retail salesperson duties and responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of a retail salesperson are as follows:

  • Selling goods to the buyer by explaining about the product
  • Assessing the needs of a buyer and making appropriate sales
  • Handle financial transactions
  • Handle discounts, vouchers, offers and coupons and make bill receipts accordingly
  • Document sales details and feed them into the system
  • Ensure security of the store merchandise and report suspected threats to the supervisor or manager
  • Keep the store well stocked at all times
  • In case of stores that rent out merchandise, handle all the required documentation
  • Arrange merchandise to be delivered at the door of the buyer
  • Package goods for shipment
  • Arrange insurance of merchandise

Retail salesperson skills and specifications

The skills and specifications of a retail salesperson are:

  • A good knowledge about company policies regarding sales, delivery, insurance, exchange and refund of merchandise
  • Outstanding communication skills
  • Outstanding knowledge about sales and marketing techniques
  • Ability to work quickly and efficiently
  • Ability to assess the requirements of buyers
  • Lot of patience to answer buyer queries and handle difficult buyers
  • A pleasing and well groomed appearance
  • Calculate the cost and feasibility in case merchandise needs to be repaired
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Basic computer skills

Retail salesperson education and qualification

The education and qualification of a retail salesperson are:

  • A high school diploma or an equivalent degree is required.

Retail salesperson salary

The salary of a retail salesperson varies between $18,000 and $28,000. It also depend on the place of work and experience.

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