Advertising and Promotions Manager Job Description

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Advertising and Promotions Manager Job Profile and Description

The job of Advertising and Promotions Manager’s involves planning and directing marketing & promotion programs and policies, creating collateral materials like placards, vouchers, contests and so on, for attracting people’s attention towards products or services for a company.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Preparing budgets and submitting reports for event costs as part of progression of marketing strategy.
  • Identifying and developing contacts for industry programs and marketing campaigns.
  • Monitoring and assessing revenue marketing results for determining marketing promotion efficiency
  • Working with revenue departments, company officials, customers, and marketing agencies.
  • Inspecting marketing copy and layouts and modify scripts, video and audio tapes, and any other marketing content that support item specifications.
  • Preparing and discussing revenue and marketing agreements.
  • Conferring office heads or staff in discussing topics like agreements, item ready to advertise, or marketing press selection.
  • Gathering and organizing information for strategy techniques.
  • Formulating plans to grow company with established customers and to interact company acting as a marketing agent to the customers.
  • Assisting in annual budget progression strategy.
  • Providing item demonstration and presentation supporting while introduction of new items to customers and field customers.
  • Reading professional literary works and trade journals to stay conveyed on innovations, changes, and trends that affect preparing of press.
  • Directing, motivating, and tracking the marketing mobilization team to meet marketing goals.
  • Planning and preparing marketing and marketing content for an increase in goods and solutions revenue.
  • Planning and executing techniques and policies for organizations.
  • Coordinating office activities, such as graphic arts, finance, revenue, press, and research.

Skills and Specifications

  • Effectively perform management activities.
  • Sound knowledge of promotion concepts.
  • Effective knowledge of latest technological innovations and should recognize how to apply them in promotion.
  • Active listener and written records understandability.
  • Perfect personal effective time control planning and able to work several projects appropriate.
  • Ability to express information to others successfully.
  • Ability to force others in order to change their conduct or thoughts.
  • Critical thinking capability and money control techniques.
  • Communicate fantastically in spoken and in writing with all kinds of people.

Education and Qualifications

  • A Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution.
  • A Diploma or Degree in business, marketing, economics, computing, or mathematics.

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