Company Sales Job Description

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Company sales job profile and description

The Company Sales job involves performing sales and marketing duties. They plan and try to achieve the sales targets set by their seniors in the company. This is a high paying job.

Company sales duties and responsibilities

1.       To present a brand image to clients.

2.       Need to organize promotion activities

3.       It helps rationalize the company dealings

4.       Some supervisory tasks may be required to perform

Company sales skills and specifications

1.       Must be very good at making sales

2.       Need to have advanced communication abilities.

3.       General promotion know-how is must

4.       Should be ready to travel to different destinations.

Company sales education and qualification

There are no limited educational requirements for the Company Sales job, but you are required to be usually well knowledgeable and, a sales certification will make it more likely that you will be hired.

Company sales salary

The average salary for this job is between $60,000 to $120,000 per annum.

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