Food Packaging Manager Job Description

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Food Packaging Manager Job Profile and Description

The position of ‘Food Packaging Manager’ deals with food item packaging. They are responsible for using advanced packaging technologies to ensure minimum damage in business and more sales. Farmers and food growers hire services of such companies to ensure proper packaging off their food items.

Food Packaging Manager Duties and Responsibilities

  • Implement the work rules and values among food packaging supervisors for each team of packaging and operators to make sure they work according to their responsibilities and obligations.
  • Regularly meet managers to determine and address efficiency and quality issues as they happen on the floor
  • Coordinate with the packaging sales managers to make sure they fulfill the allowance and quality levels as confirmed to clients
  • Conduct final interview for non-supervisory staff in the department
  • Stay updated with packaging technologies.
  • Mentor newly marketed or employed supervisors to make sure they execute perform as required

Food Packaging Manager Skills and Specification

  • Must have through knowledge on the types of food packaging used in the industry and the suitable foods they apply to.
  • Must have excellent organization, supervisory and managing skills with ability to perform outside of regular hours

Food Packaging Manager Education and Qualification

  • A college degree in commerce or related field is basic.
  • A master’s degree in business management or administration is a plus
  • 5-9 years of work experience in the food processing industry with 2-3 years in a supervisory position is desirable

Food Packaging Manager Job Salary

The average salary of a Food Packaging Manager is around $58,000.

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