Grocery Sales Job Description

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Grocery sales job profile and description

The grocery sales job is for people of all background – school pass outs and even retired person can take on this job. It involves selling grocery products at a retail store.

Grocery sales duties and responsibilities

1.       Need to supervise the day to day management of the shop.

2.       You are required to communicate with customers in a helpful and, yet expert style.

3.       Maintain cash register and keeping records for various things

4.       Handling supplies and other issues

Grocery sales skills and specifications

1.       Some statistical know-how is a must.

2.       You must have excellent business abilities.

3.       Excellent interaction abilities

4.       Some sales skills

Grocery sales education and qualification

There are no formal qualifications required for this job; the main focus is on working independently.

Grocery sales salary

This average salary for this job ranges from $17,000 to $45,000 per annum.

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