Health Insurance Sales Job Description

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Health Insurance Sales Job Profile and Description

The Health Insurance Sales job involves selling insurance policies to people from classes of the society.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Attend meetings, workshops and understanding new insurance applications started by the organization he is working for.
  • Call people and offer them the policies
  • Maintain a record of all customers and potential customers
  • When a customer makes a claim, it requires to consult him/her to find out more details and also take steps to ensure that the declare is presented to the organization.
  • He may have to consult his superiors when adjustments need to be made on current insurance applications to suit the customer’s wellness needs.
  • He has to perform certain management tasks as well, including plan renewal and maintaining records.
  • He has to constantly upgrade himself regarding the insurance applications that are being offered by the competition.
  • He has to develop new contacts regularly in a bid to get new customers.

Skills and Specifications

  • A medical insurance sales professional has to obtain extremely excellent salesmanship abilities.
  • He should have very high cultural abilities as he has to make customers start up to him about their wellness, an issue that is quite personal.
  • He should be a very excellent audience as well to be effective in this occupation.
  • A passionate, assured, issue – fixing and versatile attitude is important.
  • Having a psychological and supportive strategy to people and their issues is a benefit in this profession.

Education and Qualifications

Should possess a Bachelor’s degree.

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