Natural Resources Sales Job Description

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Natural resources sales job profile and description

The job profile requires some special skills related to this job. One is required to have the knowledge about the various environmental factors attached to this job profile. There are legal complications involved with this industry and the sales representatives need to deal with them as an important part of the job,

Natural resources sales duties and responsibilities

1.       Handles all revenue relevant issues on part of the company

2.       Needs to liaise with a different range of stakeholders such as government departments and private industry companies.

3.       For controversial decisions, one is required to speak on behalf of the organization – press releases, and statements etc.

Natural resources sales skills and specifications

1.       Should be able to sell products of highly specialized nature

2.       Must understand the legal frameworks under which their company operates

3.       Good interaction abilities that helps for excellent marketing

Natural resources sales education and qualification

There are no specific educational requirements required for this position; one should have general level of education. An applicant with industry related qualification is preferred.

Natural resources sales salary

The average salary for this position ranges from $100,000 and $200,000 per annum.

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