Order Clerks Processors Retail and Wholesale Job Description

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Order Clerks/Processors – Retail Job Profile and Description

An Order Clerk works at the retail outlets. They deal with order processing and receive materials and merchandises from different product distribution channels such as the phone, internet, fax machines, or by registered mail.

Order Clerks/Processors – Retail Duties and Responsibilities

  • Obtain customer details such as personal info, bank card details, statistics, and delivery details for.
  • Verify customer details for correctness by checking against previously obtained details
  • Review purchases according to confirming procedures and forward unconfirmed purchases for confirmation and further handling.
  • Reject incomplete purchases and return to sales department for appropriate action
  • Process online the customer details after verifying that the online payment has been received.
  • Ensure that product catalog statistics, requirements and other details in the transaction match actual items to be purchased, and enter it into the stock control
  • Record sales as receivables account in the appropriate ledgers.
  • Prepare accounts and delivery records.
  • Contact and inform customers by phone, email for verifying purchase details, prices, planned delivery dates, and any anticipated setbacks.
  • Acknowledge and respond to customer problems.
  • Direct product packaging and delivery departments to get ready and ship purchases to client’s specific delivery address.

Order Clerks/Processors – Retail Skills and Specifications

  • Has good computer knowledge to work with the automated stock control systems
  • Has a good command over the English language
  • Has good communication skills

Order Clerks/Processors – Retail Education and Qualifications

  • A high school diploma is basic for this position
  • A 2-year associate or bachelor degree

Order Clerks/Processors – Retail Salary

The average salary for this position ranges from $13.71 to $28,510 per annum.

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