Regional Sales Manager Job Description

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Regional sales manager job description and profile

There are sales objectives set by every company of this world. Companies set sales targets by areas and assign their regional sales managers to achieve these targets. The Regional Sales Managers have to make and execute strategies to reach the sales targets in their area. They can be given responsibility for an entire region or few districts of the region.

Regional sales manager duties and responsibilities

  • Implementing guidelines and techniques to accomplish objectives set by the management
  • Supervise the functions and working of all the sales people and shops of the company in the legislation of the area sales manager
  • Instruct and motivate the sales people to increase the sales
  • Depending upon requirements of the area, selecting new staff
  • Keeping a record of the major sales quantity made in the region
  • Documenting all the sales information and reporting to the higher authorities of the company
  • Placing orders for more stock from the company inventory
  • Evaluating the revenue efficiency of each shop separately and the value it plays a role in the company

Regional sales manager skills and specifications

  • Excellent interaction, authority, company and discussion skills
  • A thorough understanding about the guidelines and revenue techniques of the company
  • Excellent control skills
  • Good computational abilities and bookkeeping knowledge
  • Strong research and selection skills
  • Must be able to travel frequently

Regional sales manager education and qualification

A bachelor’s degree in business management with 5 years of work experience in sales and marketing is required for this job

Regional sales manager salary

The average salary for this job is $99,000 per year.

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