Retail Sales Job Description

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Retail Sales Job Profile and Description

The Retail sales jobs involve a wide range of duties and activities according to the products or services offered by the company. It deals with certain general duties and activities that are part of the retail sales job. Additionally, they have to assist customers find and buy the merchandise for their needs.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Guide and inform customers about the products
  • They must tell customers about new products and offers
  • They must discuss with customers their particular requirements and help them find the products
  • They suggest, and help the customers choose the right merchandise
  • They describe the item’s pros and cons to the customer
  • They may also have to show the use and function of the product
  • In situation the client has any question about the shop and the item, they must describe and provides answers
  • They also give details about guarantees, developing requirements, and display how to treatment and sustain the merchandise
  • They also describe shipping, repair and changes options
  • They also give details about funding and billing
  • They obtain and procedure money, examine and charge/credit payments
  • They offer modify and invoices and bag or program purchases
  • They have to sustain sales information and also position unique orders
  • They organize and screen products in an eye-catching and clean manner

Skills and Specifications

  • Retail sales reps must be extremely helpful and courteous towards customers
  • They should have good interaction and communications skills
  • They must have discussion abilities and must be able to convince customers

Education and Qualifications

Retail sales persons need to have a minimum of high school diploma. It is good to have commerce background and diploma in sales and marketing.

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