Sales and Marketing Executive Job Profile and Description

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Sales and Marketing Executive Job Profile and Description

The job of a Sales and Marketing Executive includes creating and disseminating revenue information on company items to the customers, suppliers or merchants through digital, mail and other programs. Sales and Marketing Professional provides support to the Managing Director for improving the sales and revenue of the products and forming the business.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Contacting with worldwide suppliers and setting revenue predicting and revenue objectives.
  • Tracking leads progress with coordinators and suppliers.
  • Assisting suppliers in determining revenue possibilities or prospects or end customers  in the marketplace.
  • Processing, sending, and ordering account.
  • Organizing training to suppliers.
  • Feeding client and industry application, new item information to suppliers.
  • Monitoring supplier provided tech support team.
  • Sending promotion and revenue plan yearly to supplier.
  • Evaluating yearly to review performance, activity and set up objectives.
  • Performing analysis to determine potential merchants or new suppliers and selecting new suppliers.
  • Finding link or key selling possibilities utilizing both old and new associates.
  • Sharing promotion analysis determinations with service, analysis and progression and promotion departments.
  • Identifying new item and industry possibilities.
  • Establishing revenue possibilities directly for products outside distributes remit.
  • Finding out or producing client applications for organization items.
  • Following up direct prospects.
  • Seeking out new promotional possibilities for organization items.
  • Assisting in creation, co-ordination and production of promotion security, press announcements and exhibition graphics.
  • Generating intelligence of organization competitors.
  • Building and managing sales force and submission network.
  • Coordinating and comprising recruiting events, literary works gatherings, trade gatherings, and other events, including follow of associates.
  • Assisting in preparing comparisons with competitors.
  • Assisting clients in the item operation and answering their questions.

Skills and Specifications

  • Strong remote and network marketing abilities.
  • Should have solid discussion abilities.
  • Intimate understanding of marketing and advertising.
  • Knowledge of dealing suppliers.
  • Excellent written as well as spoken interaction abilities.
  • Should have high display and display abilities.
  • Should operate effectively under little guidance.
  • Prepared to travel at any time.
  • Excellent cultural and handling project skills.


Education and Qualifications

  • A Bachelor’s degree in Engineering.
  • A Degree in Sales, Marketing or related field

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