Sales Assistant Job Description

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Sales Assistant Job Profile and Description

The Sales assistant job involves working at retail outlets where one interacts with customers and convinces them to buy products. They ask customers their requirements and offer them the right products.


Duties and Responsibilities

  • A sales associate places the order for the customers and handles the complaints
  • Participates in work decisions and, make calls and send emails to maintain the relations.
  • He must learn to recognize and meet customers to generate new business
  • Should be fast to calculate costs and offer customers the right  quotations
  • Give demonstrations to customers
  • Accountable for making the cash point and system ready to use
  • Notifies the customers about the sales summary
  • Must be  aware of market styles and gather client details and provide feedback
  • He may have to sign up in business fairs and other events
  • Has to be in contact with supplies to check on the position of current orders
  • He must keep appropriate information of sales and order information

Skills and Specifications

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Must be influential, well-mannered and have good negotiation skills
  • Must be hardworking
  • Must be insightful and good with numbers
  • Must be competitive, ambitious and confident

Education and Qualifications

One needs to have an MBA or a general bachelor’s degree in commerce, with sales and marketing specialization.

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