Sales Associate Job Description

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Sales Associate Job Profile and Description

A Sales Associate’s job requires offering information about the goods and solutions of the organization to the clients for increasing the organization sales and to create or maintain long-term relationships with the existing and potential buyers. Most sales associates work with the Sales Director or Chief Operating Officer to expand sales programs and strategies to achieve annual budget objectives. They also assist in the development as well as in sales programs execution, specifically in technical group support, client site visits, and trade fairs activates and phone selling.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Exceeding or meeting personal sales objectives while indicating a solid client focus.
  • Initiating and utilizing sales possibilities with the current and potential buyers while developing and keeping key clients.
  • Developing a strong product understanding as well as client understanding.
  • Directing and managing with promotion group in creating security material.
  • Developing a firm industry presence through guides and actions through efficient marketing relations.
  • Providing information, creative solutions, and thoughts to the control group on organization attractions.
  • Developing sales plans and finishing monthly and monthly reports as required.
  • Participating in industry actions and conventions.
  • Acting as the Company manager for the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) data source.
  • Managing and showing priority for prospects prepared by the Marketing department, creating new records through assessing, checking out, marketing, and recommendations.
  • Estimating clients on quotations quickly and perfectly.
  • Qualifying brings for follow-up by senior professionals of organization.
  • Renewing current records of clients with a higher level of service and pricing.
  • Working with current clients in finding possibilities for user groups or additional solutions.
  • Working with Marketing group and Revenue Manager to provide thoughts about new confident industry sales.
  • Maintaining accurate client data source for reporting, messages, and promotion applications.
  • Preparing restoration contracts and quotations for current clients.
  • Working on special projects and leading to group effort.
  • Providing detailed up-dates on job actions to the Revenue Manager.
  • Providing reviews from clients to be able to access possible improvements to current items and also the need for new items.

Skills and Specifications

  • Able to start or illustrate powerful personal revenue to sales separately and as a part of a group.
  • Passion to turn leads into customers and chronic perseverance with telephone sales.
  • Proactive and self-controlled work ethic; Self-starter.
  • Able to get ready and produce effective personalized revenue suggestions and demonstrations to experts at mature and mid-management stages.
  • Good business and excellent personal effective time control planning.
  • Exceptional abilities of client support.
  • Superior written and spoken interaction abilities.
  • Able to create and maintain excellent connections with customers.
  • Highly effective level computer abilities such as Ms Word, PowerPoint, Exceed, Perspective, and CRM products.
  • Strong record monitoring of perform with various stages at every account.
  • Able to understand the customer’s business needs and clear their problems.
  • Able to achieve revenue quotas
  • Able to handle a hard multi-tasking atmosphere.
  • Ready to travel and working in a group of professionals.

Education and Qualifications

  • A Bachelor’s degree in sales and marketing related field

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