Sales Controller Job Description

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Sales Controller Job Description and Profile

The role of a Sales Controller is present in every organization – it involves managing all the activities of the sales divisions, assigning duties to the workers and making sure that the organization achieves its sales targets. This profile has a major responsibility related to the sales division and, is answerable to the sales supervisors and managers.

Sales Controller Duties and Responsibilities

  • Ensuring that all inquiries related to the sales divisions are being treated properly and quickly.
  • Adhering to the organization process guidelines and techniques, which are associated with sales divisions.
  • Monitoring the performance levels of all individuals in the sales division and determining the training requirements.
  • Maintaining the best level of client satisfaction and smallest level of client discontentment without compromising success of company.
  • Building and retaining of a long-term connection with the clients with the aim of keeping them dedicated to the organization.
  • Planning and creating a number of revenue programs and guaranteeing that everything is protected within the allocated budget.
  • Maintaining excellent connection with the revenue supervisors and administrators and staying accountable to them.
  • Ensuring that the revenue reps is managed properly and it continues to be fully informed all the time.
  • Monitoring the revenue office through the stock display measuring stick to ensure that the best requirements are being met.
  • Ensuring that all workers are dedicated to the revenue values and concepts to be able to maintain a excellent revenue environment in the office.

Sales Controller education, training and qualifications

A bachelor’s degree in sales or marketing is very important, and completing an internship as sales controller is also very beneficial.

Sales Controller degrees, courses & certification

A Master’s degree in Business Administration, Marketing or Sales Management is a plus for this job.

Sales Controller skills and specifications

  • Knowledge about sales world
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Excellent listening skills
  • Excellent supervisory and managerial abilities.
  • Analytical bent of mind to make good decisions
  • Great business acumen

Sales Controller salary/wage

The salary of a sales controller is about $40,000 per annum.

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