Sales Counselor Job Description

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Sales Counselor Job Description and Profile

The Sales Counselor has the duty of promoting a product or a service, and often using the services of the associates of the sales agents. They have the responsibility to reach out to their buyers with the aim of promoting their goods and services. They are involved in promoting products which requires great deal of financial commitment on the part of the buyers. The sales counselor needs to build and preserve a strong and long-term relationship with the customers to address their needs.

Sales Counselor Duties and Responsibilities

  • Persuading the prospects to get individuals to buy different subscriptions or at least agree to the agreements.
  • Answering and solving questions in such a way that their statements reflect optimistically about the organization.
  • Helping individuals related to revenue plan and perform events to be able to advertise the regular membership number.
  • Researching about the competition in the marketplace and preparing everything in compliance to it.
  • Building and maintaining a long-term organization with all the customers to be able to keep them devoted to the organization.
  • Establishing connection with the client in the marketplace especially in case of a specific item to be able to advertise its revenue.
  • Spending time with the client and helping him in the process of making the best choice, which can meet his or her requirements.
  • Working in those sectors, which require excellent degree of both time & finance by the customers.
  • Planning and performing different revenue programs with the other sales associates to work everything under the budget.

Sales Counselor Education, Training and Qualifications

A diploma or bachelor’s degree in any subject like marketing, sales, or accounting is sufficient, but work experience in sales and counseling is essential.

Sales Counselor Job Degrees, Courses & Certification

Training in different sales related courses would be necessary in order to do well in this field. Internship as a sales consultant assistant can be of great aid.

Sales Counselor Skills and Specifications

  • Ability to work in a team
  • Great decision-making and counseling abilities.

Sales Counselor Job Salary/Wage

The average salary for a Sales Counselor is about $30,000 per annum.

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