Sales Job Description

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Sales Job Profile and Description:

A Sales professional aims to engage with customers by communicating carefully with them, and create new opportunities to bring new customers to the organization. They help the organization make its business more effective or choose products which generate more income. They demonstrate and sell goods in a particular geographical region.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • A sales professional has to make regular calls and deliver messages to customers to keep in touch with them
  • He must always try to grow his platform and make new customers and for that he should learn to recognize customers and their needs
  • While meeting customers, they must be able to create fast and appropriate computations and provide them with sales quotations
  • He must adhere to market and client details and on this base review on upcoming buying trends
  • He has to go to activities like business gatherings to represent the company
  • He has to settle things like costs, shipping etc with the business’s managers
  • He must be touching providers and check on the position of current orders
  • He must keep information of revenue details and computer file them in the revenue office

Skills and Specifications

  • Sales professionals must have remarkable interaction and communications skills
  • He must be powerful, company, well-mannered and a good negotiator
  • They must work in a group and be confident
  • One has to be in the area for revenue so he must be hardworking
  • He must be delicate to the consumer’s needs and requirements
  • He must be aggressive and driven

Education and Qualifications

One should have a Bachelor’s degree in commerce with courses in accounting or sales. Also, BBA or MBA courses are suitable for this position.

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