Sales Manager Job Description

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Sales Manager Job Profile and Description

A Sales Director is accountable for managing a team of sales reps, which presents customers with new goods and services, thereby helping the company make profits and make the business more successful. He is in charge of establishing sales objectives and making sure that those objectives are met by the sales professionals within the set timeline.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Sales director is accountable for a particular regional area and, has to ensure that the revenue groups meet the sales targets
  • Consults the senior management and has to set up objectives with a plan about how to achieve them
  • Must be in touch with customers and build contacts with prospective clients
  • Should be able to recognize customers and their needs and increase his platform by adding new customers
  • Cooperate with other divisions, especially the marketing and records office, to determine an effective revenue technique that will increase sales
  • He has to set a funds and ensure that all the perform occurs without beyond the budget
  • He has to prepare regular reports on the success of the revenue reps and is also accountable for their appraisal
  • He has to follow market and client information and on future buying trends

Skills and Specifications

  • Needs to have remarkable interaction and communications skills
  • Must be influential, well-mannered and have excellent discussion skills
  • Needs to encourage his group and must be a great leader
  • Must be good with numbers

Education and Qualifications

It requires having a commerce background. It is beneficial to have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in business management with specialization in sales and marketing.

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