Sales Marketing Job Description

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Sales Marketing Job Profile and Description

A Sales Marketing professional is either part of or, directs a business enterprise for corporate promotion for a particular organization, within a specific area. It requires to come up with effective methods that will help them develop a business and has to advertise it to the customers and clients.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Sales marketing professionals must know about the different promotion methods which can be integrated in projects
  • They have to adhere to promotion styles of the community and study information on customers choices and other information
  • They have to perform market research in order to recognize their focus on client, what they need and accordingly link it to the business’s objectives
  • They have to research the group information of the customers and based on that form promotion strategies
  • They make information of focused merchants and have to be in frequent touch with them, either through calling, emails or personal visits
  • They must keep appropriate information of revenue and other results relevant to promotion of products and services
  • They need to have a associates with ad organizations and promotion firms

Skills and Specifications

  • Must have excellent interaction abilities, both written and oral
  • Must be motivated, assured and passionate about the work
  • Should have excellent discussion abilities and must be persuasive
  • May require field work, so he must be diligent and physically fit
  • Good marketing and communications abilities are also important
  • Team player, and excellent interpersonal abilities are helpful

Education and Qualifications

A Bachelor’s or master’s degree in commerce and, an MBA with specialization in sales and marketing is required. Courses in mass communication and public relations and marketing are also beneficial.

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