Sales Support Job Description

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Sales Support Job Profile and Description

A Sales Support professional is accountable for promoting goods or services for a company. They may be employed by all kinds of sectors like automobiles, garments, IT, and manufacturing etc. The job may involve working in a team or separately.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Sales assistance experts need to describe and exhibit to clients what they are providing is value for their money
  • Need to have complete understanding of the products, its features and benefits
  • Give presentations to the client on how the product works
  • Have a thorough understanding of the opponents so that they can explain how their items are superior
  • Place orders for the customers and also solve their problems
  • Must enter and maintain sales records and other information
  • Be in touch with the supplies and examine the inventory

Skills and Specifications

  • Sales assistance professionals must be assured, dynamic, structured and persistent
  • Expertise in customer service
  • Should have good math skills to calculate costs etc.
  • Remarkable interaction skills
  • Influential, courteous and have good discussion skills

Education and Qualifications

All companies have different requirements for this position; however, one can go for a qualification that involves marketing, promotions, and communications and economics subjects. An MBA degree is a good option.

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