Sales Training Job Description

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Sales Training Job Profile and Description

The primary responsibility of Sales Trainer is to make sure that all sales professionals know about the important product information and train them on the essential skills to make sales successfully. The Sales Trainer is the main source for the wholesales team who also acts as the sales manager and team leader.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • A sales trainer allows the sales professionals to get over questions, and show consultative promoting techniques
  • He has to perform exercising programs for all abilities, such as primary sales abilities, as well as innovative sales techniques
  • He must plan, perform, come up with and apply a complete sales workout for the revenue staff
  • The exercising elements focused toward new employees, existing revenue agents and revenue experts who may need one-on-one assistance
  • Some sales instructors are employed by a company, whereas others have full-time positions
  • When the instructor is not performing official workshops, he has to be available as a source for revenue experts who may need help for additional training for some new project
  • He needs to give frequent demonstrations such as leaflets, slips, videos and discuss past ¬†experience
  • In some demonstrations, the instructor has to assist in role playing, and also other kinds of conversation and behavior participatory seminars

Skills and Specifications

  • The sales instructor must have past experience in coaching sales methods to others
  • Must have superb presentation and interaction skills
  • Must also have good authoritarian skills and, should be able to encourage, train and encourage the sales staff
  • Should know about the primary programs and how to use them for demonstration and his classes
  • Well-organized and a professional

Education and Qualifications

One must have at least two years of sales experience in the same industry. A management degree with specialization in sales and marketing is recommended.

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