Salesperson Job Description

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Salesperson Job Profile and Description

The Salesperson job deals with a wide area and there are various sales related positions. The primary responsibility of a salesperson is to promote goods and services to the customers. They may work for a particular company, or may work as a freelancer – demonstrating products to customers and convincing them to make purchases.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Involved in preparation, and execution of all sales actions in a particular area
  • Making the customers satisfied by taking care of the quality and service part of the products or services
  • Must develop good relations with new clients and maintain a client database
  • Needs to prepare sales activity programs and schedules
  • Must develop and keep sales and promotion materials
  • Plans and conduct immediate promotion activities
  • Make sales calls to new and current clients
  • Observes the competitors and industry conditions
  • Take part in sales activities like business gatherings and exhibitions

Skills and Specifications

  • Must have great interaction abilities
  • Should be good arbitrators and must be innovative and influential
  • Must be dynamic and assured as sometimes a lot of work is involved
  • Basic understanding of computers and, the concepts and methods of sales
  • Should know about primary client support and business principles
  • Must be able to give demonstrations and attain revenue targets

Education and Qualifications

It does not require having a degree, but excellent sales skills are more important for this job. A commerce degree or, an MBA with specialization in sales and marketing is really beneficial.

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