Store Sales Job Description

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Store sales job profile and description

The Store Sales job welcomes people with no prior experience in retail sales. You get good experience while selling a variety of goods to people from all backgrounds that come to the store. This job a lot of hard work and requires standing for long hours, but the prospects are really good if you work for a long time at the same place.

Store sales duties and responsibilities

There are many responsibilities and duties attached to this role:

1.       Should undertake customer support roles

2.       Promote the products in the store

3.       Initially, one may deal with the tasks like shelf arrangement etc.

4.       Support the security team to ensure secure and safe business operations for the store

Store sales skills and specifications

The skills and specifications for a store sales representative are:

1.       A friendly nature.

2.       Must be able to communicate professionally with customers

3.       Exceptional organizational skills

4.       A team player

Store sales education and qualification

A high school diploma is sufficient for this job. Past work experience in sales helps you for this job.

Store sales salary

The average salary for this position starts from $20,000 a year, for a fresh applicant. An experienced person cam easily make to $50,000 per annum. There are good promotional opportunities for diligent employees.

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