Blackjack dealer Job Description

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Blackjack dealer Job Profile and Description

A blackjack dealer is the one who has the responsibility to outlook operating table games. The dealer has to stand or sit behind table and operate games of chance. He or she has to dispense the appropriate number of cards or blocks to players. It will be also needed to operate other gaming equipment. The other responsibilities are comparing the house’s hand against players’ hands and payoff or collecting players’ money or chips.

Duties and Responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of a blackjack dealer are as follows:

  • He or she has to count out chips properly.
  • He or she has to handle the dealing money.
  • He or she is responsible for shuffling and dealing cards as required for the blackjack play or any other assigned game.
  • The duty includes applying knowledge of dealing procedures including house rules so as to preserve the security and integrity of games.
  • He or she has the duty to exchange paper currency for gaming chips.
  • It will be the responsibility to pay winning bets and collecting losing bets.
  • He or she ahs the duty to maintain chip tray at table in orderly fashion.
  • He or she has the duty to notify supervisor of any irregularities noticed.
  • It will be the duty to answer questions or inquiries from patrons properly.
  • It will be very necessary to perform other duties as assigned by an immediate supervisor or manager.

Skills and Specifications

The required skills and specifications are as follows:

  • The person should have the ability to count quickly.
  • He or she should have mathematical skills.
  • He or she should have the excellent language and good people skills.
  • He or she must be able to apply common sense understanding to carry out simple instructions.
  • The person needs to have the ability to withstand physical demands, stand and use fingers, handle or feel with hands and arms, talk and hear for a long time.

Education and Qualifications

The basic degree required for the job is a high school diploma or higher is essential for one to be hired into this field of work.

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