Air Marshals Job Description

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Air Marshals Job Description

With the 9/11 tragedy remaining fresh in the memory, there remains the challenge to ensure the safety and protection of travelers, especially in air transport. Transportation Security Officers inspect baggage or cargo and screen passengers to detect and prevent potentially dangerous objects from being transported into secure areas or onto aircraft. They employ high technology devices as well as specially trained dogs for the purpose.

Air Marshals Duties and Responsibilities

  • Stop and challenge suspicious persons, requesting for their IDs and asking probing questions about their business in a particular area.
  • Apprehend and detain suspicious persons and conduct interrogation systems.
  • Cordon off entry areas following security breaches, reopening them after receiving clearance that the airport is secure
  • Contact security and police support during urgent security situations, using phones or two-way radios.
  • Test baggage for any explosive materials, using proper detection equipment and sniff dogs.
  • Coordinate with airline and check suspicious passengers’ tickets to ensure that they are valid
  • Check gate management system and airline staff to ensure that all passengers who have boarded are accounted for, otherwise, ensure offloading of baggage of gate no-show passengers and initiate investigation and search of missing passenger

Air Marshals Skills and Specifications

  • Should have the knowledge and skill to operate metal detectors, weapons and explosives detectors, UV lamp detectors and other emerging detection technologies
  • Should have a strong affinity with sniffing dogs if they are assigned to any
  • Should have the presence of mind to alert security officers or alarm systems at the outset of a developing situation
  • Should be physically fit with quick reflexes
  • Excellent interpersonal and organizing skill for crowd control

Air Marshals Education and Qualifications

A high school diploma is necessary but a 1-2 year experience in a related work gives an advantage.

Air Marshals Salary

The average salary of a Transportation Security Officer is around $16 per hour or $31,420 per annum.

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