Airport Security Manager Job Description

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Airport Security Manager Job Profile and Description

The Airport Security Manager holds one of the most difficult security jobs anywhere/ Not only is he responsible for implementing the security polices and procedures for the airport premises as approved by airport management, he should also deal with various independent airline security, customs and immigration employees as well as specially designated Homeland security staffs and air marshals.

Airport Security Manager Duties and Responsibilities

  • Conduct regular routing inspection of all vulnerability points in the airport to check on the sufficiency of surveillance systems, security guards and access to police emergency hotlines when required.
  • Review and evaluate public requests for temporary airport passes before approving.
  • Ensure ID and security badges as renewed periodically or as necessary
  • Procure additional 3rd party security protection as required/
  • Implement security standards, polices and procedures to apply to passengers, airport personnel and 3rd party concessionaires operating at the airport.
  • Coordinate with law enforcement agencies in turning over detained persons for airport security breaches.

Airport Security Manager Skills and Specifications

  • Should have complete knowledge about the airport’s common entrance and exit points, vulnerable areas and the current security technologies available.
  • Should have outstanding communications and interpersonal skills
  • Can work beyond regular work hours when necessary.

Airport Security Manager Education and Qualifications

  • A college degree is necessary but 10-15 years of experience in security work for location with high people traffic such as an airport is preferred.
  • Some experience with police and investigative work gives an added advantage.

Airport Security Manager Head Salary

The average annual salary of an Airport Security Manger in a medium sized international air terminal is between $70,000 and $95,000. The range covers the variance across various airport sizes and location as well as the holder’s qualification.

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