Armed Security Guard Job Description

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Armed Security Guard Job Profile and Description

A bodyguard is a type of armed security guard or federal agent who protects the person of a famous, wealthy, or politically important figure from the threat of assault, kidnapping, assassination, loss of confidential information and other related threats. The role of a bodyguard consists of planning routes, pre-searching rooms and buildings where the client will be visiting.

Duties & Responsibilities

The main duties are:-

  • A bodyguard can be a driver-bodyguard.
  • Be a close-protection officer to escort the client.
  • Detect Improvised Explosive Devices, electronic “bugs” and counter-sniper monitoring.
  • Conduct pre-search facilities, and background-checks of people who are likely to have contact with the client.
  • To keep photographers and aggressive cameramen away.
  • Give close quarter protection to children of VIPs and to prevent their kidnapping or assassination.
  • Form part of a protection escort in an armed vehicle to transport bullion, cash or jewellery from bank/safety vault to merchant establishment or vice versa.
  • To stand guard to protect an injured prisoner or criminal in hospital for treatment.
  • To stand guard at a bank or a jeweller’s shop to prevent armed robbery or assault.
  • To guard the residence of a VIP or luminary to prevent unauthorized entry of persons, paparazzi or gate-crashers.

Skills and Specifications

  • Be always alert and ready to deal with security emergencies.
  • Have a Nose for suspicious characters, movements and dangerous situations.
  • Possess good memory to remember the faces of criminals and anti-social elements on the ‘Wanted List’.
  • Be trained in small arms precision shooting and in ‘Unarmed Combat’.

Education and Qualifications

  • Minimum High School graduate.
  • Have previous experience in security unit.
  • Have appropriate training in Security Academy of govt or private agency.

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